1. Preception

From the recording Seeking Solace

When I started this one I was thinking of Time from Inception and also Cornfield Chase from Interstellar. This is kind of a mashup of ideas that came to me thinking about those two songs. The title came out of those meandering thoughts but more with the idea of some being able to perceive or at least anticipate things yet to come.

The opening has a little sense of foreboding and mystery to it. The piano ostinato with a delay on it carries throughout this piece and is like a constant progression through time. I feel like the delay adds a bit of wonder to it. As the piece progresses, it builds into a sense of awe and wonder and then fades to the dreamy piano ostinato. I get images of looking into a starry sky on a clear, dark night and staring in wonder at all the stars and the great expanse of the universe - wondering what is out there. In a way this song contains a sense of discovery.